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At world championship in Kanada the Italians had prepared a CD with timing that seemed to work perfect. It was talked about a version with Sydney Lensson talking and that would be so cool. But I think they never got time so I have prepared my own versions.

My idea was to use a MP3 player and a speaker horn that I allready got. The horn is situated on top of a photostand and hooked to a 12v battery just in case the horn batteries goes dead during a full day. The MP3 player was a cheap one I bought in a local shop. As long as I could set the order of my "songs" and "repeat track" I was happy. So I ended up with a 128mb Packard Bell. The clue is to set the order with first a version with 5min preperation time and if all pilots are ready just switch to next "song" that is without the 5min preperation.

I have also made a practice "song" for those of you that wants to hear more times. Then you can offcourse use a headset, make a CD and play from your car or even use your fancy mobilephone ?
It seems to work great and after a few checks the times look correct. Beware that a computer clock is NOT correct all the time (happened during WC f3J in Finland 2002 I think). So opening the files in Windows mediaplayer might seem strange as mediaplayer does not show correct time (my computer with mediaplayer clocks in 0,4sec early sometimes). But my MP3 player seems to play it perfect every time. Use as you please and give me feedback if you find anything that is not perfect.

Regards Jojo

www.jojoen.no - jojo (at) vfkm.no

All tracks is offcourse FREE OFF CHARGE for all. Also big competitions offcourse.
But it would be fun to have some feedback ;-)
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